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about me |

My photography journey blossomed after my son was born. A brutal struggle with postpartum depression/anxiety along with childbirth injuries left my body and soul aching for a creative outlet. I found that when I was behind the camera I was completely present in the moment and my symptoms eased. I began taking my camera with me everywhere and naturally my favorite subject matter was anything kid and family related. I decided to push the “reset” button and redesigned my life to make more time for what brings me joy; my photography business being one of those great joys.

I currently live in a quiet suburb outside of Boston and spend my days taking a ton of photos, working on my women’s wellness coaching business and enjoying the simple life with my husband and son.


my style |

My style is a blend of lifestyle and documentary with the goal of capturing authentic and honest interaction and emotion.

When I launched my photography business, I wanted to offer something a little different. Taking the perfectly posed family photo with hair blowing in the wind at sunset just wasn’t enough for me. Even though these photos are undeniably beautiful, I know first hand the realities of parenthood are not always as glamorous yet still worth documenting.

The beauty captured in the seemingly mundane is what I truly believe pulls hardest at the heartstrings. The gaze your child gives you while playing together in the living room, those tiny infant feet cuddled up in your gigantic adult hands, or the way your toddler climbs onto the kitchen stool with their chubby short legs and diaper bum to help make a snack – these are the moments that when all put together make the story of your life.

As a parent, I know how easily these precious moments are forgotten as time seems to speed by in this haze of modern day parental exhaustion. A photograph is like freezing a snippet of time that you can look back on forever and I don’t know anyone who would regret having something like that.

I know first hand the realities of parenthood are not always as glamorous yet still worth documenting.